Making a yearbook might still seem like a lot of work…

But it doesn’t have to be!


We know that thinking about a yearbook for your school might seem head spinning right now. With all that is going on in the world, yearbooks can fall lower and lower on your to-do list. However, life doesn’t stop; the school year has started and memories are happening now! Classes are in full swing and schools are doing what they can to make the most of these moments. History making times like these deserve to be in the yearbook! Yearbooks give students a chance to look back and share all the memories of their childhood. This is a once in a lifetime experience (hopefully), that they will want to share for years to come. 


We are living in a world that allows you to not even need to be in the same room to gather all of these unique “special moments”. Everything is already online, so all you have to do is to tap into those resources and Entourage has you covered with LINK!   



LINK by Entourage is built into the software and allows students, teachers, and parents to be part of the yearbook making process. Your school community can easily make their own profiles and upload photos and videos that can be shared in your yearbook. As an advisor, you control what they are allowed to upload and view, turning this traditionally printed past time into a new form of social media! Sure it will never be Facebook, but having something that captures the whole year is a perfect and fun way for students to see what their peers are up to! 


It’s time to collect some memories! 


Looking for ideas on what students can share for your yearbook? Have them do a pumpkin carving contest, build Goldberg machines, best classroom screenshots, and other fun comparable activities! As they share and compare the photos with each other you are also collecting everything you need to fill your book! 


Other Great Ideas to Fill Some Pages:

  • Crosswords and games
  • Include photos from old yearbooks that shows current students THEN vs. NOW
  • Tic Tok Page using QR Codes
  • Hobbies / Fun Talents 
  • E-Gaming 
  • Creative Writings done by students 
  • What’s the first thing you’ll do after COVID
  • Polls
  • NEWS ~ hopefully once in a lifetime experience 
  • Student Profiles
  • Favorite Screenshots