56,000 Schools nationwide are Title 1! Now what does that mean? That means that 56,000 schools run the risk of not being able to afford to operate next year. These 56,000 are in low income areas and are needed not only to educate the youth, but remain open in order to make sure these students have a safe place to go during the day and the promise of 2 meals a day! These schools are one of reason why Entourage exists today! Entourage is dedicated to making yearbooks affordable again for everyone, not just a select few! Entourage offers prices 40-60% less expensive then the “bigger guys.” Slowly every year the yearbook companies raise their prices, but that stops with Entourage! You stick with us and we will never raise the price on you! If your school or if you know of a school in need reach out to one of our reps and see how much money we can save you today!