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Let’s all admit, no one knows what is going to happen this school year!  Some students are going back now – some are waiting. Will we finish out the school year – or be hit with another spike? With everything changing so rapidly, who wants to be stuck in a contract?

Entourage understands that these are uncertain times and budgets are being slashed; however, we have a way to combat that uncertain. Entourage has always offered nonbinding agreements instead of contracts. This allows you to change your number of books and pages, edit delivery dates, and even cancel with no penalty or fees! Never again get stuck with a contract your school can’t fulfill or take on a debt because of your yearbook program.  Entourage understands life happens and we want to give you that peace of mind knowing that if things take a turn you won’t get stuck with a closet full of books!

You’re never alone with Entourage ~ See other ways Entourage can help your yearbook program!

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