Creating a yearbook can be a daunting task, but fret not and follow these pro tips!  First step is to get organized! Entourage has a wonderful program called LINK which in short allows photos from students, parents, and staff to be shared within the yearbook itself! LINK can be organized in categories so all photos are easily accessible! Start the LINK process early and get people on board because you can never have too many photos to choose from! Next you want to schedule a Webinar! Entourage provides completely free webinars for you and your yearbook team to attend! They are a perfect chance to get 1 on 1 time with a graphic designer and while they are only 30-60 minutes long they will save you hours on your yearbook! Next start with the people pages! People pages can either be a breeze or enough to make scream! They allow you to flow the names and photos of your students and staff right on to your yearbook with a few clicks! However with that ease there comes a few strings! People pages once imported flow on a formula so moving and editing them can make the formula crack! It is important to get your stars of the book in place first then edit around them! Next work on your cover! Entourage can offer proof books, which are a softcover demo of how your books look! It is important to have your cover finished if you would like to hold a proof book in your hand! My last tip: ASK FOR HELP! We are here to help you we never charge for extra assistance and many of graphic designers spent hours writing and fixing this software! They are experts and something that might take you hours could take you minutes with the right help! Follow those easy steps in order to make your experience designing the yearbook the most enjoyable!